New Home Building Process

It will be an enjoyable journey and blissful experience while building your new home.
Our consultative engagement at every stage of the process will make it a memorable experience for your dream home.
Here’s how we will proceed…


It is a pre-site ideation stage where we will zero down on your requirements and expectations from a new home.

Step 1 : Home Selection:

Let’s begin our journey by showing you the best site options within the preferred area of residence. Our representative will sit with you and discuss about fixtures to zero down on perfect design for your home. We will give you options with alternative floor plans.

Step 2 : Interior & Exteriors:

The aesthetics are important for your new home and we will closely sit with you to guide you in finalizing the appropriate color scheme for interior, study, formal lounge, theatre, living room and alfresco, surface finishes, floor covering etc. Analogous to interior design, we will freeze the exterior for the house.

Step 3 : Contact Agreement:

We will sign a contract on agreed terms, fixtures and deadlines for your new home. The next step will be starting the construction for your home, prior ensuring the loan process is complete, the design are approved, agreements are signed off and documentation is complete.


Step 4 : Site Start

We will kick-off the construction whilst appointing a dedicated customer relationship executive who will assist you with requirements and deliverable at every stage of project.

Step 5 : Foundation Stage

This is the first major construction milestone where we lay foundation and concrete base for your home.

Step 6: Framing and Truss Work

Here comes the carpenter to create House wall frames and establish roof trusses. The quality control inspection will be completed by the building surveyor.

Step 7: Lock-up and Fixing

Under lock-up, external doors & windows will be placed, brickwork will move and roof tiles will be placed. Once the external lock-up is over, the fixing of interior doors, plaster on internal walls & ceiling, skirting and cabinets will be installed.

Step 8: Finishing

The external and internal render (wherever applicable) are completed. Painting and tiling will be done. Electrical, HVAC and plumbing fit-offs, stone bench tops (where applicable), and door furniture, shower screens and mirrors are installed.

Step 9: Settlement

Congratulation! You new home is ready to move in.


Step 10: Post Settlement Inspection

We will contact you within 14 days of the settlement to make sure you are happy with every single thing in the house. For any agreed work and necessary touch-up, we will immediately organize it.

Step 11: Completion

After 100% customer satisfaction, we will call the building process as complete!

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